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Campbell Lewis
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Campbell Lewis  Campbell Lewis


Right Handed Batsman, Right Arm Leg Spin(ish) Specialist Fielder, Drinks-taker-outer. ie. I do all the running


According to my birth certificate, Broxburn, 1982. But I’ll dispute it till my dying day.


Specialist waster in the Insurance services area. Part-time rapper.

Marital Status

I don’t care if she’s married, so long as she’s “good quality company”


Rooster (ED - self monikered)

First Match For Club

For 2nd XI - 1994, sub fielder following Neil Gorman’s unsuccessful attempt at a star jump. 1st XI at Largo 30/6/95. Batted 10th, got a duck, took 1 for 0 off 2 balls to round off Largo’s late run chase.

Previous Clubs

Serbian Nationalist Forum, Etheringsdale Warblers Society.

Best Performance

When I managed a handstand, fully padded up mind, before going our to ‘bat’ vs Clackmannan two years ago.                                                                 


Spaghetti, long walks on the beach, lonely housewives, the sound of cork on willow, memories of the good old days when you had to be a man to play for Engerland…


Gingers, Blenders, Ironing Boards, Cactuseseses (cacti maybe?)

Favourite Fielding Position

Cover/Point/Gully – anywhere I can dive about without just seeming a total pratt.

Favourite Ground

Bangour, so scenic. Hawick cos it’s got a nice bar. Leith Links 2 cos I like the odd farcical game. Also you get a good day out on a sunny day at the top end of the Meadows.

Least Favourite Ground

Watsonians. Everyone bats for ages, and there’s no shelter from the wind on cold days.

Most Memorable Moment

The entire “2nd XI half circle” warming up to come onto bowl after watching Barry Lothian’s opening delivery vs Cask & Barrel back in 1998.

Least Memorable Moment

Taking a full toss to the upper jaw in the nets. Being on 44no vs Marchmont 3’s in 1999 and watching that knob Bolan hit 9 runs off 4 balls at the other end to win the game and stop me getting my first 50.

Funniest Moment in Cricket

So many. The Daft Punk inspired “around the world” wicket celebration. Dave Vittese’s rentboy stint on tour last year.William John’s interpretation of “Tie me Kangaroo down”.When I hit the ball over fine leg with a drive (major footwork) somewhere out near Stirling.




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