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Christopher Reid
Written by Darren Hall   
Christopher Reid  
Information Part time right arm slow/mediumPart time right handed batsman.
Born 20th August 1991
Occupation Student 
Marital Status Single 
Nicknames Reidy 
First Match For Club An abandoned match against Murrayfield DAFS 4th string at Murrayfield. 
Previous Clubs None. 
Best Performance 5 wickets for 10 runs against Peebles, as well as an unbeaten 4 to win the game.10 (including my 2nd and 3rd boundary for the club) against Dunbar away. 
Likes Batting, slow bowlers, crap fielders, Irn Bru,
Rangers Football Club 
Dislikes Walking home from Club Earth, fast bowling, trying to spell Dresselrigg, artificial wickets, mushrooms, olives and Sunday drivers. 
Favourite Fielding Position Midwicket or in close. One can only dream of being the one wearing a helmet and close in fielder pads.  
Favourite Ground Dresselrigg, obviously. 
Least Favourite Ground Dunbar. I can’t decide whether it’s the obscene length of the outfield grass, the railway delaying play every 2 minutes, the stupidly short boundary on one side or the fact it has an artificial track, that make it such a horrible place to play cricket. 
Most Memorable Moment The best memory would have to be my 5fer against Peebles. “Hitting” the winning runs in the same match made it even better. 
Least Memorable Moment Dropping a few catches in the same game. What made it worse was it was off Richard Hodgson’s bowling…
Funniest Moment in Cricket Tom Baker robbing Connor of his maiden 5fer for the club or Tom Baker’s 19 ball duck. 



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