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Livi CC Defeat Woodcutters By Coin Toss
Livi this PM won their Parks Trophy match vs. Woodcutters without a ball bowled or indeed a word said.
Employing a so called "neutral tosser", Woodcutters representative called incorrectly on a coin toss to decide the winners of their inaugural competitive match.  Heads was the call from Woodcutters.  It was actually Tails.  Livi win.
Livi secretary in attendance, Mr. Paul Burgess, in fact said nothing at all but came away with a win.  
Speaking to him sometime afterwards whilst still basking in his win for the club, he was reported as saying "Next up is Scottish Widows and we should challenge to a game of rock paper scissors to decide the game". 
Well given the weather this season, we have every chance of this coming to pass.
Woodcutters: we would very much like to welcome you to Livingston CC for a game when the summer comes.  However, current estimation is that this will happen in December (2019).



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