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Exciting start to West Lothian Last Man Stands League
Written by Administrator   

2017 06 14 LMS The first match of this season’s rain affected West Lothian Last Man Stands league was a wet one. The signs were not good when the teams arrived at the ground. At around 18:00 the heavens opened and Livingston was engulfed in a Sri Lankan style monsoon. The Captains went to the middle at around 18:20 to inspect with Fraser Reynolds, the match official, to make a decision on the game. While the rest of the more sensible players waited in the club house to await the decision, much deliberation took place. 
Both Naveen for Livi Lagaan, and Robert for the appropriately named Livi Storm, came back to the club house, and decided we would have a game. Robert won the toss, something positive for the day, and elected to bat.
Opening the innings would be Steven Connel, and Hannah Short. A few explanations of the rules meant that we were ready to play. A good first over saw Livi Storm take advantage of the wide rules, and move the score along briskly. Some good shots from Steven first up including a lovely shot over point meant his debut was off to a great start. Hannah took guard for the next over, and also looked good. A lovely shot through the cover side was a highlight. Unfortunately in going for a quick single Hannah was run out inches short (pun intended). Hannah was first out for 4. This brought Mark Lambson to the crease. Some good shots around the ground and rotating the strike with Steven meant Livi Storm were well placed. 

As is a commentator’s curse, Steven was then well caught, leaving for a fine knock of 25 off 12 balls. A strike rate of 208.33. This brought Adam Underwood to the crease. A quick discussion of running between wickets and he was off. Some sharp singles and good running meant that the score ticked along. Unfortunately for Mark they brought on Anil to bowl and spin is not his friend. A massive heave made him revaluate his innings, as it narrowly missed the stumps. Venkat was then introduced to the attack, a bowler  shrouded in mystery. He started with good line and length. Adam was then well caught. Livi Lagaan fielded well and set the standards. This brought our resident Kiwi, Jonathan Carpenter to the crease for his LMS debut. Jonathan looked good, and worked the singles well. Just as it was time to up the run rate, Mark looked to leave his crease to Venkat, and was well stumped by Ramesh for 18.
More tight bowling and excellent fielding dried up the runs. In pushing for runs Jonathan was run out for 5, and David, looking to send one to the moon was bowled for 13. This meant that a captain’s innings was needed when the last pair of Robert and John were at the crease. More exceptional bowling saw the runs hard to come by, and then a moment to forget, Robert was run out for 5, meaning that John was left as Last Man Standing. Now for those who don’t know what this means ; only boundaries can be hit or 2’s can be run. No singles. John dispatched two great 4’s and when he was bowled for 13 the innings was complete and Livi Storm had made 92.
A lot of credit to be given to Livi Lagaan who bowled well, and fielded exceptionally. A quick turn around and it was time for the bowling attack of the Storm to stand up. Hannah opened the bowling and looked sharp. Unfortunately anything down leg is a wide, and is unforgiving in this format. She did however produce a peach of a delivery that swung late and sent the opener Hanuma back without troubling the scorers. Steven looked good with plenty of aggression, but Anil was equal the task with some fine shots finding the boundary. Naresh was his partner now, and looked dangerous, until some fine fielding by Hannah saw a direct hit run him out. Game on, 2 wickets down. It would have to be a wicket game, as the run rate was well in hand. Bala then came to the wicket and looked good. Anil carried on. Some unfortunate wayward bowling meant that wides were becoming the highest scorer.
Robert mixed up the bowling and another fine delivery from John saw the stumps rattled and Bala left the field with 7 to his name. This brought Ramesh to the crease, and he and Anil ran well between the wickets and the scoreboard ticked along. Something special was needed, so David came on to bowl. It was not to be though, and Robert brought himself on to see if we could find a partnership breaking ball.
Some really good work in the field by Adam and Jonathan meant that boundaries were hard to come by, but the total was just not enough. The game was finished with a fine 4 behind square on the offside by Ramesh and the first game was over.
Anil not out on 45 off 39 and Ramesh was 28 off 18.
The game was played in great spirit, and we look forward to the next fixture. All the best to Livi Lagaan as they were the better team on the day.

Livi Storm Scored 92 for 8 after 20.0 overs
Livi Lagaan Scored 93 for 3 after 12.3 overs

Livi Lagaan Won By 5 Wickets
Man of the Match - Bala Palaniswamy – Livi Lagaan

Ball of the day – Hannah’s inswinging cracker 

Shot of the day – Ramesh’s cut to win the game
Clown of the day – Mark for his appealing for LBW when the batsmen were blocking
Stylish player of the day – Steven for wearing white trousers when the brief was black





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